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2. Provide nutrient-rich meals for children during out-of-school time
Initiate, expand and sustain food programs through Boys & Girls Clubs

2010 Baseline

6 clubs offered supper, 21 offered snacks

 Progress Made

Continuing to offer supper to at least 9 clubs and snacks to 21 or more clubs.

 2017 Benchmark

All Boys and Girls Clubs that have summer camps will offer breakfast, lunch and a snack.


Action Steps:

    Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon     Infrastructure improvement is the biggest barrier for clubs. Expansion creates capability for higher

             meal production.

    Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon     Partnership with Montana Food Bank Network could create pantries within clubs.


Best Practices:

    Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon     Infrastructure expansion increases meal participation.



     arrow-right-c  Janis Fontaine - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

           Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club of Missoula County

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