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6. Increase access for families to healthy, affordable, locally grown food
Increase the number of Farm to School programs

2010 Baseline

40 school districs had

Farm to School programs

Progress Made

67 school districts

2017 Benchmark

85 school districts


Action Steps:

    Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon     The recently formed Montana Farm to School Coalition is working on:

                  1.  Education and outreach 

                  2.  Farm to School distribution issues  

                  3.  Farm to School grant program

    Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon     Also seeking sustainable teacher engagement to support school gardens.


Best Practices:

    Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon     Developing engaging events and programs like Crunch Time and MT Harvest of the Month.



     arrow-right-c  Aubree Roth - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

           Farm to School Coordinator, Montana Team Nutrition


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