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8. Improve adequacy and quality of food donations to pantries, food banks and shelters
Increase availability of nutrition education resources for agencies of the Montana Food Bank Network

2010 Baseline

Provide recipe ideas for clients in bi-monthly agency newsletter. 

Progress Made

Provide agencies bi-monthly recipe ideas and periodic nutrition education opportunities.

2017 Benchmark

Provide or connect agencies with 4 new resources of nutrition education opportunities annually in addition to bi-monthly recipes.


Action Steps:

    Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon     Engage both agencies and clients in nutrition education programs by providing resources and

             nutrition information.

    Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon     Incorporate an easy to navigate nutrition resource center as part of the agency website.


Best Practices:

    Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon     Capacity building among partner agencies.

    Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon     Support agencies' ability to offer environments that support healthy choices.



     arrow-right-c  Jeff Gutierrez - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

           Chief Programs Officer, Montana Food Bank Network 

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